Every Day is Mother’s Day

As Mother’s day rounds the corner of course I have been pondering what I would like so I am prepared when posed with the question. I have thought of a spa day, pedicure, some alone time, a nice bath, a great dinner, just something relaxing sounds nice since it is always GO! GO! GO! I’ve seen all these articles, and funny polls, and hear things on the radio about most moms just wanting a day of peace and quiet for once, even if it means being glued to her bed all day. But as I sit and think about the quiet, the more and more I start to realize that I don’t know that I could enjoy it.  As a mom, we run when there is a CRASH!, we make sure that things are being done “the right way” (our way LOL), and most of all we don’t want to miss ANY moments. THAT is what has me caught up with the most reluctance right now, is not wanting to miss one moment.



Sure I would like to sleep in a little longer, BUT I still would like to wake up to 2 cold little feet on my back, or a huge grin basically pressed against my own face and a loud GOOD MORNING MOMMY!!!!!! Even though I am exhausted, and I know this may be a day to celebrate and appreciate me; I want to be asked to get my daughter some chocolate milk and her favorite cereal, I want to watch the same cartoons that we have been watching every weekend for the past… I can’t even tell you how many weekends since she could enjoy them, and I want to be asked to play Barbies or Ninja turtles (her current favorites) or even Hide and Seek. Most importantly though, I want to bask in it. I want to take it all in and NOT feel “too busy” or “too tired”. I want to pick up that Barbie or WHATEVER it is that she wants me to play with, and I want to live in that moment with her, and stay in that moment with her not just on Mother’s day but EVERYDAY; because there will come a time where she won’t ask mommy to play any more. So I want to cherish these times while I still have them and hold them dear to my heart because I don’t want to look back and wish I would have done anything different.


So rather than asking for the world to be shut out that day and sit in my bed with my pj’s, feet kicked up, and possible food service, I want to continue on just as any other day because every day is Mother’s Day, but this time I want to shut out the rest of the world. I want to take it all in, as I know that I have not done nearly as much as I should have.  I want to create beautiful, conscious moments with my daughter. Every day we are celebrated and rewarded when our children learn something new and look at us with such admiration and feelings of being proud of themselves, or when they are just happy enough to be with us. Those are the moments that we should NEVER be too busy for. Yes, there are things that feel as though they may fall apart without us taking care of them, but most often we are making a mountain out of a mole hill. The Mommy worries. Not everything needs a direct and immediate reaction, and nothing should take away from living in the moment especially with our children because once they are gone, they are gone.



So, while I can understand why some may want to just take a day to themselves, I mean we all need one once in a while, I think I will be sitting this one out (although I may opt for a group nap / a potty break ALONE for once LOL). Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there from me to you! And remember to just enjoy EVERY MOMENT.