Don’t Count The Days…..

20151017_102223 (2)

While in the shower I found myself staring at this picture on the wall in my bathroom that I stand next to each day as I brush my teeth, get dressed, do my hair and makeup, and then leave.  Completely ignoring it’s meaning. The picture that I bought because it was “cute”, such a great and true quote, and it matched our colour scheme of course.

My shower seems to be my minds playground, quiet and serene with just the soothing sound of running water.  The perfect setting for all kinds of thoughts. Now, I realize it is inevitable that our minds will race all day, at any given time, but it’s about whether you acknowledge these thoughts and allow them to become intrusive. Although, I am starting to realize not all deep thought is negative, it is good to reflect.


Those thoughts that lead you into positive actions, and push you further into conscious living and happiness are what help make the days count. -Koko

I believed this kind of deep, entrenched thought was something I should go along with and see where it takes me. Why did I have that picture?  Why do I ignore it? Why do we save, like, share, buy things with these life quotes on them and feel empowered momentarily, but continue down the same old patterns?  So why wasn’t I heeding it’s advice?


I was unconscious, not in the moment, which is probably why I skimmed over my freshly healed scab on my knee…..

untitledbut that’s beside the point. I was in a reflective state, and it was significant to remind myself of what’s important in life. 

We are so busy giving ourselves anxiety because we aren’t living up to superficial expectations and standards rather than seizing the moment(s). We waste precious time with those around us due to life stress that is inevitable, and instead follow down that path of negativity rather than accept what is, realize we cannot change it, be thankful for still breathing, and just LIVE. So much of what we believe is important in life, truly is not. And often times we realize that when it is too late and the time is gone. The clock will never stop ticking , so it is up to us to create as we wish. We save, share, buy,  these quotes when in that moment. The moment they capture us and remind us what life is about, but then we seem to forget and get entangled once again in the chaos.

I do most of my reflective thinking in my shower as I said, but each day that I turn that water off and shut the shower door, it’s as if the thoughts stop and life starts again, and once again I ignore that quote on my wall and any deep thought I’d just had. While it is important to live life consciously, I see that it is also important to remind yourself of these powerful thoughts that arise, and savor those feelings we get when discovering a new quote or something that strikes us. Take in those words and meanings, and portray them into daily life.

This quote on my wall, “Don’t count the days, Make the days count”, struck me for a reason especially in dealing with anxiety from day to day.


It is not about how much time we have, it is how we spend it, and what we spend it on. Our time is much more precious than our money and valuables, and the time spent with loved ones is the most precious time of all. So no matter the daily stress that life may throw at us at times, & no matter how tough it may seem now, there is ALWAYS A CHOICE that we have to make to keep going. The choice to truly live consciously, and not count the days, hours, or minutes, but rather just make the days count.



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