Hello All!

My first blog post EVER! Writing has always been something I have enjoyed doing since I can remember, but I allowed the criticism of others to deter me from truly expressing myself. With the encouragement and support of my dear friend and counselor Frank, and my loving and supportive family, I have decided to pursue my writing again and freely express myself here on this blog.

Just as I have stated in my about section, there are many ways we can all connect with each other, and I feel this is my form of connection and expression. No rules, no grades, no judgment; just freely expressing ourselves and realizing that many of us deal with things just the same as the other. Especially with so much of what is going on in the world right now I feel it is important that we still interact with those around us whether near or far, and I hope to connect with any and all of you that I can. I do not have a set theme or topic I want to write about and that is the best part about starting a blog. I hope you all enjoy my writing. Feel free to give me any feedback or ideas as well! HAPPY BLOGGING!


4 thoughts on “Hello All!

  1. Thank you for sharing your inner beauty with us. I am anxious to see where your writing will take you. I love you Mrs. Kentros. The possibilities are endless with this. I am so happy that you are taking this step and you have my support 100%.


  2. Thats great, i didn’t know that you enjoyed writing, but im not suprised because I remember reading posts of you on facebook on certain things when you would write paragraphs and I could tell that you have your way with words,like you really have talent, if that makes any sense at all lol (probably not), after reading your post I think you can even write a book! Im just happy that you have decided to do this and you have my full support always!♡


    • Thank you Maria! I know what you mean. lol When I am very passionate about something then I have a lot to say, and writing is the best way for me to get it out completely. This is going to be very fun and interesting for me because I can just freely express any and everything that I would like to! Thank you for your support! I have a new post up again if you would like to check it out! ❤


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